Milena Zárate does not regret having been with Edwin Sierra: it would be regretting my life, my daughter | entertainment | celebrity | | SHOWS

In the latest edition of the program “D’Mañana” Milena Zárate was a guest who recalled his stormy relationship he had with the comedian Edwin Sierra:. The singer also assured that she “owes a lot” to the popular Fuana.

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Milena was asked if she regrets any relationship from the past, so she answered no. To this answer, Metiche questioned her: “Do you not even regret having a relationship with Edwin Sierra?”

“Never, the day I regret having had a relationship with him, is to regret my life, my daughter, what my experience with him left me”, Milena said.

He then continued with: “I believe that each person who passes in your life leaves you something, for better or worse, things as they are, but during the time they are, they come into your life for something and they leave you something. Edwin has left me the most beautiful thing that I have in my life, that she is my daughter”.

Milena Zárate reveals that her nose was operated on seven times: “it gave me skin cancer”

Milena Zárate told the TV hosts that a few years ago she had to undergo a reconstruction of her nose due to the skin cancer she suffered.

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“I had my nose done 7 times, because it gave me skin cancer”, stated during his participation.

He then continued with: “Yor I lost part of the nose, in the whole wing on the right side, I lost it completely and I have been in reconstruction for a long time so that it would be more or less similar”.