Miley Cyrus announces new spectacular album in a swimsuit

american singer Miley Cyrus She is starting the year with all the energy possible, starting off on the right foot and it seems that she is determined to make 2023 the best stage, since the also actress will release the eighth musical album of her career this year and the announcement was made in big and in the best possible way, in a swimsuit.

Many things were already expected from the fans, when it was announced that Miley Cyrus would be in charge of the end of year special from the NBC network. With a sensational concert, this occasion invited various stars to her performance, such as Sia, paris hilton and, the great co-star of the night, her godmother, Dolly Parton.

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It was a great concert that earned her much applause and Miley assured that great things were coming for 2023. Then, starting the year, she shared that she would soon be releasing a new single and now, she has also just announced the date of her new album, Endless Summer Vacation: March 10th.

Miley Cyrus in a swimsuit

To arrive with hype and cymbal, the announcement did it in the best way, say his fans, that is, posing in a swimsuit. But it is not just any garment, it is a spectacularr one-piece swimsuit in elegant black color that shows off her figure with a lot of glamour.

The design has slits, or cut-outs at the torso, that feel feminine and flirtatious, without being too revealing, just bold and attractive enough. It is a vintage hatler collar garment from the Alaia brand in one piece, which she wears with sunglasses and black sneakers. (SEE THE PICTURE HERE)

In the image, we see her holding on to a rod, which actually makes her muscles tense. and your figure looks more toned. She also has short hair with natural waves and wearing a two-tone tone that she just debuted: platinum on top, black at the nape of the neck, a hair style from the 2000s that seems to be back.

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Miley Cyrus announces new album

She also published a teaser, a very short trailer, which she describes as ‘a love letter to Los Angeles’, to further promote the first single, called ‘Flowers’which, avid fans have noted, drops on January 13, the birthday of Miley’s ex, Liam Hemsworth.

“I can buy flowers. I can take myself to dance. He was able to hold my hand myself. I can love myself better than you”, reads his publication, which would be the lyrics of the song and seems a direct reference to that failed relationship that ended in divorce.

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