Miley Cyrus stopped concert in Bogotá after suffering from nausea: “I’ll be honest, I’m not feeling well” | CELEBS MRI | SHOWS

The thousands of fans of the singer Miley Cyrus They lived a night that they will not forget. After 11 years, the artist returned to Colombia with a show at the Movistar Arena that lasted until late at night.

Cyrus arrived in the country on the night of Sunday, March 20, and was greeted by hundreds of fans upon her arrival at the Four Seasons hotel, where she stayed before her show. The singer arrived in the country in the company of her work team, her sister Brandi Cyrus and her mother, Tish Cyrus.

As reported by his fans on social networks, before going out on the Movistar Arena stage, Cyrus had some time to share with some of his followers in the dressing room.

Several of them met the artist, took photos with her and showed her their costumes for the show.

And the concert finally arrived. The singer La Ramona was in charge of starting the show in Bogotá around 9 pm

The artist’s presentation finally started at 10 pm, when hundreds of her fans received her with shouts, lights and harangues.

Miley surprised her followers with songs like Party in the USA, The climb, We can’t stop, Wrecking ball, 7 things, among many others.

Although the show was full of all the energy of the American singer, Cyrus had a difficult time at her concert in Bogotá. According to the videos shared by several concertgoers, the artist had to sing sitting down several times. This is because she was not feeling well while she was singing.

It should be remembered that the star had just completed his concerts at Lollapalooza in Argentina and Chile, where he performed on Friday and Sunday, respectively.

The pace of work, the flights from country to country, this added to the height of Bogotá, would have impacted the singer’s health.

This is how he confessed them to his followers in the middle of the concert: “I’ll be honest, I’m not feeling good right now, but I’m going to stay here as long as I can because I know how long you’ve waited for this show.”.

At one point, Cyrus told her followers that she had to go throw up, because she wasn’t feeling well at all.

However, despite her health problems, the artist took the opportunity to leave a message to her followers.

The next time you feel like this in whatever situation you’re in, that you feel like giving up, just take a moment, breathe, be honest.“, he claimed.

The show was made a little longer because of the breaks he had to take to recover.

However, although he experienced difficult moments due to fatigue and height, concertgoers assured that Cyrus gave all his energy to the show and gave them a memorable event.

The artist also assured that, so far, her concert in Bogotá has been her favorite show. (Source: GDA)


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