Military-style secret plan: This is how the Queen should take part in the memorial service for Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth said goodbye to Buckingham Palace weeks ago. Her new main residence has since been Windsor Castle. For the memorial service in honor of Prince Philip, who died in 2021, which will take place on March 29 in Westminster Abbey, the monarch is to be brought to London despite her current poor health. This poses a major challenge for those responsible.

Elaborate transport: This is how the Queen is to be brought to Westminster Abbey

The Sun” reports that a special plan has been developed for the Queen’s transport – in military style, as the paper writes. So that the 95-year-old does not have to take a long drive, she is to be flown to Buckingham Palace by helicopter. Instead of an hour, she would only be on the road for about 15 minutes. From there, the carriage takes you directly to Westminster Abbey. But instead of using the front entrance, insiders assume the Queen will be taken to the Abbey at Poets’ Corner.

Privacy protection for the Queen: Nobody should see her in a wheelchair

A screen could be set up there so that she could enter the church unmolested by photographers. Under certain circumstances, the monarch is dependent on a wheelchair and should be too proud to show herself in public. That’s why she’s already canceled public appointments. “She can get out of the car with her walking stick and they try to keep photographers out. But if she needs a wheelchair, it has to be behind screens or in the side entrance,” explains a palace source.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, plans to attend Prince Philip's memorial service.

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Instead of traditionally being the last person to enter the memorial service, consideration should be given to placing the Queen in Westminster Abbey first. As a result, the attention of the other guests would not be focused on their appearance.

State of health of the Queen: digital participation in memorial ceremony possible

Since it is not yet clear how Queen Elizabeth will feel physically on the day of the memorial service for Prince Philip, an alternative is already being worked on in the background. Participation via Zoom would be quite conceivable, as author and royal expert Penny Junor emphasizes: “If she doesn’t make it, then it’s not the end of the world. But I could imagine that they will move heaven and earth, to try and get her there. She may only be able to be there via zoom and on a big screen. Her love for her husband is beyond doubt.”

Nevertheless, it would be difficult for the 95-year-old monarch if she couldn’t be there in person. “She would really hate to miss it,” says author Ingrid Seward. “It worries her staff as it would be difficult for anyone her age who has mobility problems.”

Royals from all over Europe are expected to attend the ceremony on March 29. Among other things, the Swedish and Dutch royal families have confirmed their participation. However, Prince Harry will not appear. For the Queen’s grandson, a trip to the UK poses too many potential dangers since he’s without police protection.

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