Millie Bobby Brown: Harassed on the set of Stranger Things, she tells!

The young Millie Bobby Brown has grown well since the first season of Stranger Things. But the pretty brunette unleashes derogatory comments about her physique. Sexualized at a very young age, the beauty suffered a lot of inappropriate remarks. Especially when a tiktokeur claims to have had sex with the young woman. But for some Internet users, the actress adopts a look that is too sexy for her age: “Remind me of her age please?” “, “Why do you want to age so quickly? “I don’t know if it’s the effect of the dimples, but it’s like 30 years have passed between season 1 and 4.”. Ouch. But that’s not the worst…

Millie Bobby Brown: I am fine now “

During a shoot, the young girl confides that she was harassed by a stranger: ” Damian Martin showed up twice at filming locations where actress Millie Bobby Brown was filming a Netflix movie, and a show”. “Martin provided false information to security personnel at each site in an effort to gain access to the sites, and to contact Millie Bobby Brown. “. A most traumatic event that sends shivers down your spine. Fortunately, the actress is brave and claims to be better: ” I am fine now. I was sad at the time because I felt uncomfortable and disrespected. It’s important to set boundaries and talk. ».

Millie Bobby Brown: Harassed on the set of Stranger Things, she tells!
© Instagram / @milliebobbybrown The actress has grown up!

The young woman wants to send a message by telling this story: ” I am a human being. What more can I say? I kept asking him not to film me. I’m making this video to say that we need to be more respectful with others. No matter who they are or what they do, be respectful. ». Courage Millie!