Mimie Mathy at its worst: she loses a loved one “it will never be the same again”

Through Jason Mathurin

– Published on Jan 26, 2023 at 6:30 PM

A twist of fate has just struck the French artistic landscape. A great figurehead, and close to Mimie Mathy has left us…

The year 2023 is synonymous with emotion for Mimie Mathy. Indeed, the actress emeritus began the month of January with a tender declaration to her family of the Enfoirés. Grateful to be on stage by their side, she gave a most moving testimony. “We have the family we have and we have the family we create, she said, moved. And the Enfoirés, for me, it’s a great family. Thanks “ ! Words that went straight to the hearts of his brothers and sisters. Suffice to say that a wave of tears quickly invaded the scene. Vitaa was hit hard by this statement, and immediately held her hand. Amel Bent, she found the right words to thank her. While Carla Bruni hugged her shoulder to comfort her. A moment charged with emotions in short. That being the case, it is sad news that now overwhelms the actress…

“How much do you owe the start of their career?” »

Mimie Mathy has to deal with a death in his entourage… Indeed, the director Roger Louret left us, following a cancer, at the age of 72 years. The one who paved the way for many talented actresses and actors will leave in his wake a whole troupe of tears. Starting with the interpreter of Josephine, guardian angelwho did not hesitate for a single second to pay tribute to him. “My Roger, I just wanted to reassure you one last time, she wrote on Twitter. Here on earth without you, it will never be the same. How many friends have passed through your baladins? How much do you owe the start of their career? » To illustrate this tribute, the actress also posted a photo of her by her side, her eyes laughing. This shot thus testifies to the mutual affection that they had for each other. And she’s not the only one…

Mimie Mathy pays tribute to director Roger Louret

Mimie Mathy, Elie Semoune, Muriel Robin… Their ultimate tribute to Roger Louret

In addition to Mimie Mathy, Anne Girardot, Guy Bedos, Muriel Robin, Pierre Palmade… Many people are among the relatives of Roger Louret. Personalities who all feel gratitude towards this renowned director. “He paved the way for so many actresses and actors. It was generous, lively, cultivated, full of self-mockery, inventive, modern. And above all, he shared, shared. My message is nothing next to this great gentleman of theater and life who is leaving us., wrote Elie Sémoune, for his part. Indeed, Roger Louret was “the first to believe in [lui]while[il n’avait] only 19 years old”. Jean-Pierre Foucault describes him as a “talent scout, genius creator »who has “offered to TF1 five years of unforgettable tube years”. NextPlz sends its deepest condolences. Lowering of the curtain, end clap, thunderous applause and hats off.

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