Mimie Mathy confused, the actress learns bad news…

After his absence from the Enfoirés concerts last January, Mimie Mathy suffered a new blow with the announcement of the cessation of a television project on France 3. The actress expressed her disappointment.

For the year 2023, Mimie Mathy has several projects. On the small screen, the 65-year-old actress was to appear in the TV movie series titled The price of… In total, three sections came out: The Price of Truth in 2017, The Loyalty Award in 2019 and The Price of Treasonthe latest to air in 2022. But bad news for fans: five years later, the France Télévisions group decided not to continue the adventure, despite good audiences.

Mimi Mathy: her series canceled, she reacts

“Alas. It will not come back to France 3”announced with regret Mimie Mathy to Entertainment TVin an interview published on Thursday 1er December 2022. I’m so disappointed, she added. They judged that we had not made a sufficient score. I really liked this character and the family that we had created.”

She opened up even more about her disappointment: “It was a great adventure. We did three episodes. They surely have their reasons, which I respect and completely understand. I’m not frustrated with filming so everything is fine.A news that must have surprised the headliner of the series Josephine, guardian angelhis emblematic role: the scriptwriter Laurent Mondy was already working on the sequel to the TV movies when the Loyalty Award last January.

Two years after the pandemic, Mimie Mathy wants to find the public

Fans of the 65-year-old star will rejoice, however. They will find Mimie Mathy in the Enfoirés troupe! Indeed, after having been forced to cancel her visit for the 2022 edition, the actress, who spins the perfect love with her husband Benoist Gérard, will honor her commitment for the 2023 edition. She will find her band of friends: each year, around forty volunteer artists get involved. Last year I had back surgery, she explained again to Entertainment TV. I couldn’t go. I’m happy to find my friends and leave for a very intense week but rich in reunions and sharing. I am also looking forward to meeting the public. We haven’t had one for two years.

Two years marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which had brought France to a standstill for many months. The Enfoirés concert series for Restos du Coeur will be held from January 12 to 16 in Lyon, at the Halle Tony Garnier. A place that Mimie Mathy knows well: it is her hometown. An appointment that this time, she will not miss for anything in the world. And we now know the name of the show, revealed on December 3: “Once Motherfuckers Always”.

Source- https://www.journaldesfemmes.fr/people/actus/2870167-mimie-mathy-serie-le-prix-de-france-3-annulation/