Mimie Mathy had to lower her salary from “Joséphine, guardian angel”: secrets without filter

The actress of the flagship series, “Joséphine, guardian angel”, explained why she had to considerably lower her salary (which “remains comfortable”)…

This Monday, December 26, TF1 is broadcasting a brand new episode of the cult series, Josephine, guardian angel, at 9:10 p.m. On this occasion, its star actress, Mimie Mathyconfided in our colleagues from Parisian and evokes the longevity of the program but above all, his salary, which has dropped considerably in 25 years. The series, which celebrated its 25th anniversary on February 15, has enjoyed great success over the past two decades. According to her lead actress, she “is like an open champagne, it must continue to sparkle even after all this time“, she explains to our colleagues from Parisian.

Mimie Mathy had to lower her salary to continue the series

But despite the great success of the series, Mimie Mathy ensures that his salary has dropped significantly. In 2013, she had to reduce her compensation, which was around 250,000 euros per episode. She then states:We could no longer do as in the days of Roger Hanin who received huge fees, that I have never reached elsewhere“.

I didn’t want it to endI wanted to continue working with all these people“, she says. For Mimie Mathy to continue to exercise the role that made her vibrate, only one solution was imposed, I lowered my stamp by a thirdshe said, before adding: “Which is still very comfortable. I didn’t ask myself the question for a long time. I love this character, and I like the idea of ​​this family that we created around Josephine“.

Mimie Mathy is “scared while waiting for the audience figures”

At the beginning of the adventure, the actress did not expect such success. “I believe that at the beginning, I had only signed for one or two episodes of Joséphine, just to see if it would work or not.s. Afterwards, I signed for ten episodes at once, I signed up for three years“, explained Mimie Mathy. But the situation has since changed, and now, we sign the shutters one by one. And the reasons for this change are simple. With the growth of competition and the proliferation of television offerings, TF1 audiences have fallen significantly, dropping from 11 million viewers in 2006 for evening events to just 3 million.for the last years“, according to The Parisian.

But do not believe that Mimie Mathy is not interested in the hearings of the series. The actress is on the contrary very involved. “On Tuesday morning, the day after each broadcast, I’m still scared while waiting for the audience figures“, she assured the Parisian. But the actress remains confident and confides: “Anyway, it’s the public who will decide“. And to conclude on a nice note: “If one day, he (the public, editor’s note) is no longer there, I would have lived a great adventure, and I will be grateful all my life for this longevity“. And that the fans of Josephine the guardian angel reassure themselves, the series should not stop anytime soon, since two new episodes are being written and should be shot next spring, according to The Parisian.

Source- https://www.journaldesfemmes.fr/people/actus/2876067-mimie-mathy-josephine-ange-gardien-salaire/