“Mind your f***es”: Jessica Thivenin publishes a decried snapshot of Leewane, her subscribers fall on her

Jessica Thivenin has been the target of criticism for her daughter Leewane. Comments to which the young woman wished to respond, this Friday, January 6. On her Snapchat account, she gave a rant.

Jessica Thivenin is one of the candidates emblematic of reality tv. The smallest acts and gestures of the young woman are analyzed and commented on. Mom of two, Leewane and Maylone are also the subject of criticism by Internet users. However, they should not be touched and it is not Jessica Thivenin who will say the opposite. This Friday, January 6, she has let out a rant on his Snapchat account. The day before, the candidate had posted a photo in which we could see her with a Chanel ski suit, boots, a hat and a down jacket. Beside her was Leewane, her one-year-old daughter, in a jumpsuit and sneakers. In the comments, some Internet users have pointed out that the little girl is not wearing a hat or boots. “Yesterday I put a photo on Instagram with my children. I read the comments and it pisses me off.“, began the young woman. “If my daughter didn’t have boots – she had sneakers – it’s because at the time, she couldn’t stand her boots. We put her boots on the first day and she just took them off“, she then continues. Determined to restore the truth, Jessica Thivenin ensures that her daughter was not in place.The same cap, she was just pulling it. So at one point I was just putting the hood and the sneakers on her“, she concludes.

Jessica Thivenin was very upset against Internet users. “Leewane didn’t ski at all and was mostly indoors.” she then says before adding: “Except when we went to the restaurant. And it was really good.” In addition, the little girl had a lot of trouble supporting the clothes that her mother could put on her. “She couldn’t stand mittens either. Hence the fact that I said it was too small and I said it was a hassle to skiI“, specified Jessica Thivenin. Drunk to have to justify herself, the candidate addressed herself to “all the perfect mothers“who accuse him of being”a rotten mother“Very pissed off, she asked them not to take care of her life anymore.”Mind your butt. I know how to take care of my children very well.“, she says before adding: “I would never have put my children in a snowstorm without a hat and without gloves”. What does the young woman deplore? Critics when she shares her private life. “It’s boring because on Instagram I hardly share anymore. And the little I put on, either people will criticize my wrinkles or they will criticize the way I cover my children. It’s always criticism, it’s tiring“, she concluded, tired of having to justify herself all the time.

Jessica Thivenin: why did she recently rant?

Jessica Thivenin never stops defending herself. On January 2, the young woman was accused of having a questionable hygiene. “Sorry, but I’m shocked. You went out with your sweater this morning, you went to bed with it this afternoon and there, you put it back on tonight to go out. It’s not very clean“, wrote a user. Jessica Thivenin took the floor to answer him and give his version of the facts. “It takes very little to be shocked. This is my outfit for the day. Yes I got dressed this morning, then when I went to bed I undressed”, explained the main concerned before adding: “I slept in a t-shirt and panties, but I didn’t show it on Snap. Otherwise I would have been too hot”. Determined to be heard, she also says: “Then I got dressed again to go to the movies. But I’m washed, I’m clean“.

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