Miraculous rescue! Xavier Ortiz’s widow saved her son from mortal thought

On September 7, 2020, Xavier Ortiz, who rose to fame as a member of the Garibaldi group, made the decision to escape through the false door in Guadalajara, Jalisco. So his widow, Carisa de Leon, was signaled by an audio that went viral in the media, in which the singer pointed out that she did not let him see her son. Today, she and little Xavi are still fighting to overcome the shock, almost a year after this unfortunate loss, we had a chat with Carisa to find out how things are.

How are they one year after Xavier’s death? Everything has been improving. My son is already more recovered; stopped going to therapy. There came a point where I was very scared that something was going to happen to him, but that’s okay. Things started to flow after we found my son’s letter.

Which letter? One day we found a little letter written by Xavi, my son, and it almost gave me a heart attack. I panicked because it was a super red alert that said, “I want to go with my dad.” That had us very scared, and I was afraid I would get to the point where I might stop seeing it; I could see that he did want to go with his dad.

What actions did you take? I quickly went to look for the psychiatrist, to speak with the psychologist, and we did everything they told us to have stability. I put the child to exercise, I found him a little school so that he could go to play with his friends, I took him here, I took him there, I filled myself with animals … I have stopped on my head, but right now I am happy to have done everything That’s because it has given me very good results.

Xavier Ortiz’s son assures that he can see it.

How are the legal issues going ?; In the end, did Xavier leave you something? I am in a probate trial, but they have not given me an answer; So, I am neither anxious nor stressed. I checked Xavier’s account in the United States and they told me there was nothing; I asked again to verify it and there was nothing. So I said: “What I need is to find a stable job to be able to give Xavi something.” My other children are about to leave university, however you want that is resolved, but the pending is Xavi.

Xavier then did not leave protection for his son? No, he left nothing. I was very angry, I said: “How could he ?!” There were many questions that had no answers. Right now I have reached the point of acceptance: he was not well, he was sick, and I just don’t think he made the right decision, he didn’t have the head to think about anything.

How are you economically? Ok, here I go. It made me laugh that they said I had a lover and millions, but here I go: I don’t have enough, but I don’t lack either. I am teaching English in a Guadalajara high school that offers many benefits for teachers, eventually I can retire with them. I work from Monday to Friday, with a schedule from 7 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon, they give me a 50% discount on tuition fees for Xavi after I have been with them for three years; I see it and say: “Well, right now it can’t be done, but I know that if it lasts there, that will happen.”

Do you mean then that the situation will be fine in one year? Stable, yes.

Have Xavier’s friends contacted you or have they already disappeared? Friends do; Xavier’s best friend, Manuel, is always very aware of Xavi. Sergio (Mayer) is also very vigilant: he talks to my son and little by little some friends are looking for a connection. Xavi has many things that remind me of his father, and I think they also look for that.

Is there still communication with the Ortiz family? No, they are not reported or anything.


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