Miss France sued: the prud’hommes reject the request for Dare feminism

This Friday, January 6, the industrial tribunal of Bobigny rejected the request of the collective Osez le féminisme, which had taken legal action against the Miss France competition in November 2022. Explanations.

The competition miss France does it violate labor law? This is what the collective denounces Dare feminism for many months. As a reminder, a few weeks before the election of Diane Leyre (Miss France 2022), the association had taken legal action against the Miss France contest. The collective accused the election of sexism but also of non-compliance with the labor code.

Therefore, Alexia Laroche-Joubert had decided that the regional Misses would now sign a work contract valid from three days before the election. In November 2022, Osez le féminisme again filed a lawsuit before the industrial tribunal of Bobignyclaiming that said employment contract should begin as soon as the regional selections and not three days before the election of Miss France.

The prud’hommes give reason to Miss France

As announced in a press release, the court dismissed the collective this Friday, January 6. “Which means that (she) recognizes the existence of a job and a recruitment process” in the selection of regional Misses, noted Oknow feminism. The association regrets, however, that its other requests have been rejected, in particular on the criteria to be respected to be Miss. A decision “intolerable which perpetuates a discriminatory and illegal recruitment process”, denounced Dare feminism, which could appeal. For its part, the companies Miss France and Endemol declared themselves “happy that their arguments were heard”according to The world.

As a reminder, for the election of Miss France 2023, many binding rules had been lifted. From now on, the competition is open to married women, mothers but also transgender and tattooed. There is no longer an age limit. A great step forward in the history of the beauty contest, which however did not end up on the Châteauroux stage on December 17, during the election of Indira Ampiot.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/miss-france-attaque-en-justice-les-prudhommes-rejettent-la-demande-dosez-le-feminisme-746762