Miss Normandy, winner of the general culture quiz

It was Perrine Prunier, Miss Normandy, who had the best score this year in the general culture quiz.

Mention very well for Miss Normandy. Perrine Prunier, miss of the region obtained the highest score in the general culture test. With the score of 17.5/20, Miss Normandy is ahead of Miss Champagne-Ardenne, Solène Scholer, and Miss Rhône-Alpes, Esther Coutin.

“Congratulations to Miss Normandy, Miss Champagne-Ardenne and Miss Rhône-Alpes who obtained the best marks in the General Culture test”, tweeted the official Miss France account on Thursday.

The candidates, currently in Guadeloupe, submitted themselves Thursday to this test which included 37 questions of general culture, logic, spelling and history-geography. Two English questions, a translation and a short essay, completed this multiple-choice questionnaire scored out of 40 points.

Police Commissioner

The test included questions such as “Which American billionaire recently bought the social network Twitter?” or “Which singer won the Male Artist category at the Victoires de la Musique 2022?”

This questionnaire is a “decisive step for the rest of the adventure”, as Perrine Prunier had indicated on the set of BFM Normandie last October.

Aged 22 and originally from La Manche, the Norman candidate is in a Masters 2 in law at the University of Caen. She aspires to become a police commissioner and join the family protection brigade, in order to defend women victims of domestic violence.

Source- https://www.bfmtv.com/people/miss-normandie-laureate-du-quiz-de-culture-generale_AN-202211250317.html