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The participation of the volleyball player Flavia Montes in the Miss Peru Universe did not go unnoticed, because despite her little experience on the catwalks she managed to win the hearts of the public with her performance. She even became the favorite of Natalie Vértiz and Magaly Medina, who did not hesitate to praise her publicly.

However, she will no longer be able to participate in the final of Miss Peru Universe 2022, since on June 9 Jessica Newton crowned her as Miss Peru Orb and will represent our country in the international competition that will take place in Costa Rica.

Who are the models that will compete in the final of Miss Peru 2022?

Thus, Flavia Montes, like Arlette Rujel, will not be able to participate in the final of the most important contest, so, of the eight finalists, only six remained: Alessia Rovegno, Valeria Flórez, Tatiana Calmell, Mei Azo, Maryori Morán and Daleine Arroyo.

What did Flavia Montes say about her departure from Miss Peru 2022?

Through the social networks of the Miss Peru Organization, a video was shared of the precise moment in which it was announced that the athlete was chosen to be Miss International Orb.

“I was not expecting this”, commented the beauty queen, who after a few minutes excitedly called her mother to tell her the good news.

Hours later, Jessica Newton and Flavia Montes connected with “Esto es Guerra” and were interviewed by Johanna San Miguel. “I am very grateful to be able to represent my country again, in this facet as miss”, expressed the winner of the Miss Orb Peru 2022 title.

“Each one of them represents a different type. All of us Peruvians have something wonderful, which is our mixture of races, cultures, the fact that we come together, at this time more than ever, coast, mountains and jungle. There is no single type of Peruvian. There is a Peruvian heart and beauty should be a party to celebrate our diversity”, Jessica Newton said for her part.


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