Miss Ukraine inspires with performance at Miss Universe show

Las Vegas
“Warrior of Light”: Miss Ukraine inspires with her performance at the Miss Universe show

Miss Ukraine Viktoria Apanasenko

Miss Ukraine Viktoria Apanasenko

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“Stunning”, “a statement” and “badass” is her outfit: Viktoria Apanasenko caused great enthusiasm with a performance in Las Vegas. There she had presented the costume that she wants to wear in the Miss Universe election in January.

It’s a cliché that Hollywood comedies like to tease: after the contestants have posed in skimpy bikinis in the big beauty contests, they’re supposed to tell something about themselves – and then, with a blissful smile, grab the wish for world peace out. At a current show in the run-up to the Miss Universe election, the “national costume competition” in Las Vegas, in which beauty queens from numerous countries around the world took part, this cliché became serious.

Because among the numerous beautiful women who competed there was Miss Ukraine, Viktoria Apanasenko. The 28-year-old wants to compete for the Miss Universe crown on January 14 in New Orleans. Before that, she caused a lot of excitement when she presented the robe she will wear. The multi-layered dress with large, blue and gold wings, decorated with many details, bears the name “Warrior of Light”.

Miss Ukraine introduces “National Costume”.

The dress was sewn in Ukraine, while rockets fell within hearing and sight of the designers. It is decorated with blue and gold elements, the national colors of Ukraine. The dress includes a magnificent aureole that Viktoria Apanasenko wears in her hair, also in gold and blue. The top of the costume is reminiscent of armor, and the young woman is holding a sword.

Miss Ukraine writes on her Instagram page: “The ‘Warrior of Light’ robe symbolizes our country’s fight against darkness. Like the angel Michael who defends Ukraine with the sword, it is meant to protect us.” It is also described how it was sewn by the designer Lesia Patoka and her label Nagolovy within four months under extreme conditions.

The dress triggers storms of enthusiasm

Reactions to the look have been extremely positive, both on site in Las Vegas, where Viktoria Apanasenko was praised for her “badass” performance, and on social media. “I think that’s called a statement!” enthuses an Instagram user. Others praised the dress as “amazing” and clarified: “It couldn’t look better!”

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