Miss Universe: Does Diane Leyre intend to replace Indira Ampiot in the competition? She answers

Despite the end of her reign as Miss France, Diane Leyre would very much like to have the chance to represent France in the Miss Universe election. But Indira Ampiot, Miss France 2023, has priority, as she recalled on Instagram this December 31.

the adventure miss France has officially ended for Diane Leyre since December 17, 2022. After a year of representing France, Miss France 2022 gave Indira Ampiot the crown of Miss France 2023. But don’t count on the former protegee of Sylvie Tellier to disappear radar! From the start of the 2023 school year, Diane Leyre will resume her place in the Morning without filter with Guillaume Genton. She also has several projects on fire, which she intends to achieve in the coming months. Waiting, the eternal Miss Île-de-France takes pleasure in his newfound tranquility and does not hesitate to chat with his subscribers on Instagram.

In good Miss disaster, Diane Leyre revealed a few days ago to have been victim of a bat attack during a stay in Guyana with Alexia Laroche-Joubert. A mishap that ended in a broken tooth! It is therefore with fewer injuries but as many adventures that Diane Leyre intends to embrace 2023. And on December 31, 2022, the former Miss France again chatted with his followers on Instagram and unveiled what she does with her days since the end of her reign. “I sleep, I eat, I go out, I sleep again and I enjoy my loved ones. Here. So a rather nice rhythm, we’re not going to lie to each other”, amused the pretty brunette.

Diane Leyre, soon to Miss Universe?

Diane Leyre then revealed her future in beauty contests. Because if she renounced the election of Miss Universe 2022, she would very much like to have the chance to represent France in a future election. But Indira Ampiot has priority! “I hope that I will be given my chance to be able to represent you. You know it’s always been a dream of mine. You know how difficult it was for me this year to announce that I will not be participating. I hope to have my chance. Obviously, Indira is a priority and if she can go we will support her fully. Now, if her schedule meant she couldn’t go, I would obviously be up for the challenge. I will prepare for this year no matter what. Anyway, preparing me in a sporting way will be done for Miss Universe or not, because I need it for me. But actually, if someone calls on me, I will respond immediately.. That’s for sure“, promised Diane Leyre. Miss France one day, Miss France always.

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