Miss Venezuela denies boycotting Alessia Rovegno in Miss Universe: “She sat down and broke it” (VIDEO) | celebs-miss peru-amanda dudamel-youtube-interview | SHOWS

Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel, surprised several by talking about what was behind the alleged sabotage she received Alessia Rovegno in the Miss Universe. Let’s remember that several rumors arose in the beauty pageant that our representative’s typical costume had been intentionally broken so that it would not stand out during the competition. Even the actress Stephanie Cayo spoke on this issue on social networks to denounce that she hid her niece’s shoes.

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In an interview with Luis Olavarrieta’s YouTube channel, Amanda Dudamel assured that the Miss Universe was quite calm and they all got along well: “I think it was quite a pleasant edition and quite calm in every sense, at no time were there comments that one spoke ill of the other or that one hurt another”.

However, Miss Venezuela thought it was necessary to explain the alleged sabotage against Alessia Rovegno, without respecting the fact that Miss Peru preferred to remain silent about what happened to her gala dress and shoes before the Miss Universe preliminary competition.

There was a situation that was misinterpreted because Miss Peru commented that she had had problems with her final gala dress, but in reality it was that she broke because she sat down, but on social networks the story was that they had broken it and that they had stolen her heels. So, well, it is also part of the adrenaline that is experienced on those days and of the drama that can be created with comments that are slightly distorted.”, expressed Amanda Dudamel.