mocks the Minister of Mines, Irene Vélez, for a question from Mary Méndez

The Minister of Mines, Irene Vélez, continues to be the focus of ridicule and comments, after several false starts during statements to the media or political debates.

On this occasion, the public official was mentioned by the presenters of ‘La Red’, a program on Canal Caracol, who referred to her mistakes and confusion with a strong comment.

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In the event that occurred off the air, Mary Méndez shared with her colleagues the particular and ironic question of a follower: “Why if they are called painkillers, are they taken by mouth?”

To which Frank Solano, without having an answer and in a humorous tone, replied: “Ask the Minister of Mines”. Then, the presenter, between laughs, commented: “I am going to ask the minister, you are absolutely right”.

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Gustavo Petro supported Irene Vélez in her position

The embarrassment of the Minister of Mines and Energy has been evident; For this reason, the official has been the victim of constant media attacks, to the point that some citizens have demanded her resignation.

Precisely, in this situation, President Gustavo Petro showed all his support for the minister and, in an interview with Noticias Caracol, supported her in her position, indicating that the profile of an environmentalist like her is the most appropriate to manage this portfolio.

“I want an environmentalist in Mines and Energy. The debate of the world is that. Today, energy as a world problem must be handled by environmentalists. We are going towards clean energies”, she specified.