Moderator Daniel Aminati mourns his sister (✝46)

Daniel Aminati has to cope with a stroke of fate: his sister Deborah died at the age of 46. The TV star says goodbye to Instagram.

Actually, Daniel Aminati should be enjoying the best time of his life right now. A few months ago, the “taff” moderator gave his partner Patrice Eva Fischer the yes word. Shortly before, the couple had announced that they were expecting children together for the first time. But the anticipation of the upcoming birth is now mixed with sadness.

Daniel Aminati has to cope with a heavy blow of fate. “My middle sister Deborah’s heart stopped beating on the night of August 3, 2022. She died in West Africa at the age of 46,” the TV star shared with his fans on Instagram.

“Your bright light will always shine on me”

“I very much hope that your wings are now gently enveloping you and that you have now found the peace that you have always wanted on earth,” writes the 48-year-old about photos showing him together with his younger sister.

“Debbie…your real, sunny disposition – your bright light will always shine on me when I think of you. I love you! Ubuntu!” Daniel Aminati concludes his post. In the comments, numerous fans express their sympathy and wish the moderator strength.

Many of his colleagues, such as “Let’s Dance” star Massimo Sinató and actress Liz Baffoe, also express their condolences under the post. “All love, strength and light for you and your family,” wishes singer Cassandra Steen. “Manta, Manta” star and ex-jungle camper Tina Ruland writes: “Our sympathy for your whole family. May you comfort beautiful memories and live on in your hearts forever.”