Moderator is hit by a wooden slat

Steven Gätjen suffers in the current episode of "Joko &  Klaas against ProSieben".

Steven Gätjen suffers in the current episode of “Joko & Klaas against ProSieben”.Image: ProSieben / Stefan Gregorowius / Stefan Gregorowius

05/10/2022, 23:2105/10/2022, 23:22

The current season of “Joko & Klaas versus ProSieben” is currently dominated by the moderator duo. Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf won the first edition, but they could not win the second show. Joko and Klaas won again last week. With another win, the balance of the current episodes would be in favor of the two stars, if the station wins, there would be a tie.

Usually there are six games and one final per show. The more games the two win before the final, the greater their advantage going into the final round. This week the following celebrities competed for ProSieben: Melissa Kalaj, Amiaz Habtu, Benni Wolter, Dennis Wolter, Ross Antony and Simon Pierce. Usually it’s Joko and Klaas who sometimes have to suffer in the games of the format. But in the current episode, the victim was moderator Steven Gätjen!

Joko & Klaas are building a house, will that work?

This happened in the fourth game of the show “Joko & Klaas build a house and Steven moves in”. The task consisted in that the two of them, as the name of the game suggests, should build a house with four walls, a roof and a door within ten minutes. But that was not the end of the task. When the time was up, the self-built house had to withstand an endurance test – while Steven was sitting in the little house.

Even during the ten minutes that Joko and Klaas had time to build, there were bizarre scenes that amused the viewers in front of the screens. “Build a house with tape. Revolutionary,” joked one user, for example. Many also found it funny how Klaas yelled at Steven and accused him of destroying the house. “I’m not going to break it. It’s my house,” Steven replied. A viewer commented: “Steven’s look says: ‘I’m not paid well enough for the boom.’

In the end, Joko and Klaas somehow managed to build something like a little house. Next, Steven went to his house in a death-defying mood, kitted out in a hazmat suit and helmet. The wind and rain were then unleashed on the house with the help of machines. And after just a few seconds, the house flew apart, no wall was left standing and a wooden slat even landed on Steven’s head!

The spectators felt sorry for the 49-year-old. “Thank God he had a helmet on” and “Poor Steven. He must really like them both a lot, what he endures for them”, read, for example, two comments on Twitter. And another tweet said: “It breaks my heart to see Steven sitting all alone and sad in his tiny house in the storm.”

Joko also felt sorry for his colleague and said to him after the game: “What I find crass, the thing fell apart after three seconds and they kept the machines running for twenty minutes.” But thankfully, Steven confirmed he’s fine. The game and the associated advantage for the final went through the fingers of Joko and Klaas.

This punishment awaits the moderator duo

In addition, the duo suffered defeats in two more games and thus only had three advantages for the last round. Shortly before the start of the final game, Steven announced the punishment ProSieben had in mind for Joko and Klaas: “If you lose, ProSieben wants you to re-record the final show of ‘Joko & Klaas’.” How does that sound? The spectators can find out next week, because the two botched the final, so they have to take the punishment now.