Moles at Éric Zemmour? This new attack by the Marine Le Pen clan

Sheltered from prying eyes, Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour watch each other. While the two far-right candidates accuse each other of espionage and plagiarism, the Obs reveals that a mole could have infiltrated the ranks of Reconquest.

The Zemmour clan is on alert. While on “certain ultra-right conspiracy sites hostile to Éric Zemmour”, a rumor is circulating in regards to of a compromising photo linked to the privacy of the candidate, the Obs reveals this January 20, that a member of the RN has infiltrated the ranks of the polemicist. Information accredited by a party official. “Whether this photo exists or not, we will not use it. We don’t attack people on their privacy. On the other hand, we have other interesting files. We have moles who inform us among people who have officially joined Zemmour“, he explains on condition of anonymity.

According to information released in the press, a troubled character, who officially join Zemmour, contacted journalists to entrust them with allegedly embarrassing information about the Reconquest candidate !” without providing any evidence. However, he would have admitted in the process “to roll” for the RN adding “that business will come out sooner or later”. So info or intox? If on the side of the candidate, it is claimed not to have knowledge of this story, in the Le Pen clan, many are those who maintain that it is Éric Zemmour who is spying on his opponent. “We don’t need to spy on Zemmour to know what he’s doing, since he’s like us”, told an RN executive in an article in the Parisian title : “Between Zemmour and Le Pen, spy nest atmosphere.”

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Espionage in the presidential campaign: on the Éric Zemmour side, “indirect informants in the rival team”

In one clan as in the other, we pass the buck. “He who says, who does”, hammer the relatives of Éric Zemmour, affirming half-word that they have “indirect informants in the rival team”, in the columns of Parisian. “Those who are under 40 at her house have been intellectually trained by Zemmour. It’s not illogical that they send us things. We have information, but we don’t troll”, explains a member of the candidate’s inner circle. So who is spying on whom? Case to follow.

Photo credits: Pierre Perusseau / Bestimage