Mom Has Her Baby’s Birthmark Laser Removed, What Happens Aftermath

A mother from Australia has made the difficult decision to have your baby’s birthmark removed. His choice led to a wave of criticism on the Web. We tell you the whole story…

Mom removes baby’s birthmark

An Australian mother gives birth to her baby with a peculiarity. Indeed, her child was born with a birthmark that covers half of her face. The mother of the family made the decision to have it removed by laser. Internet users were unleashed on his situation …

A serious pathology in some cases

At 33, the mother, Brooke Atkins, gave birth to her second child. The little boy is called Kingsley and he is arrived with a very important birthmark. Indeed, it is located on all half of his face.

Most of the time, a birthmark is not dangerous to health. But, in some cases, especially when it is on the face, it can be a glaucoma or Sturge-Weber syndrome. This pathology can cause a cdizziness or convulsions. After several examinations, the mother learned that her child had these two problems.

During an interview with the DailyMailthe mom tells us more about her birthmarks “progressive, meaning they will change and darken over time. [Ces taches] may develop a ‘cobblestone’ appearance, with raised bumps, ridges and the risk of vascular bullae, where they bleed dangerously”.

The choice of laser to remove the birthmark

The mother must make a decision to limit the risks in her baby’s future. It’s not an easy decision, but she chooses to have her birthmark lasered out. “Once a port wine stain reaches this stage, it is often very difficult to treat and the laser has virtually no effect, as the skin is already far too damaged.”.

Parents went to Queensland Children’s Hospital: “The aim of laser treatments is not to ‘remove’ the birthmark, but rather to keep skin healthyin order to avoid further damage to the area”.

What are the results?

With the laser, the birthmark has diminishedas you can see in the pictures instagram. The only problem that darkens this pretty story is the negative remarks on the Web. Angry internet users let off steam on the mom. For them, the choice was directed for aesthetic reasons and they regretted the suffering suffered by his son.

She even got insulted: “This birthmark is barely visible, what you are doing to her is horribleit’s more for you than him”, “Brainwashed mother makes her child anxious the second he comes out of the womb”. The spunky mum replied simply the following to her detractors: “He is the happiest, most loving and sweetest boy you will ever meet.”.