Mona and Geros: they resume video in which the influencer accepts that she assaulted for some boots

Leon, Guanajuato.- In tik tok a video was retaken in which monkeyfamous Leonese influencer, confesses that she assaulted a young “strawberry” to take her boots TimberlandWell, he wanted some and he didn’t have enough money.

In a live broadcast, Mona assured that she had always wanted boots from that brand, but she couldn’t afford to buy them and stole them from a young woman.

I had always wanted some Timberlands, I could never have them because I used to say to my dad: ‘apa, I want some Timberlands’, he told me: ‘no, no, they are very expensive’, they were in about 2 , 3 thousand, no girls, it was not enough for me, ”Mona assured in a live broadcast on YouTube.

Soon, Mona and Gerosborn in Lion, Guanajuatobecame one of the most popular couples on social networks thanks to their peculiar style and the naturalness with which they address their followers, without censorship.

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The fame of Mona and Geros rose like foam, thanks to the live broadcasts they make on YouTube, in which they do not mince words. Photo: Special.

On TikTok they have more than 2.6 million followers, on Facebook add up to more than 3.6 million followers, and in Youtube They have 1.2 million subscribers.

The most recent controversy they caused was when Mona was broadcasting live to talk about makeup, in that Geros arrives, to whom he informs that his two pets broke his new shirt and his socks, he leaves and the crying of the dogs is heard.

Users immediately disapproved of the act, accused them of animal abuse and asked to cancel them on social networks.

And the last one was a video that internet users “dusted off”, in which Mona confesses that on one occasion she stole some Timberland brand boots from a young woman, because she wanted some and had no money.

His friends were his worst advisers in teaching him how to steal a young girl’s boots. He used them, but after a while, he discarded them, as the shade of yellow was not his favorite.

They taught me girls and yeah that’s kind of ugly. I remember that the one I took them from was a strawberry, I went with several friends and (they told her) ‘she, you’re going to take them off’ and I ‘I don’t know how to lie down, I don’t know how he does that’ (…) I took them off, I don’t remember if I hit him, I don’t know, but his Timberlands were yellow, I remember, and I lasted a while with them because then I ended up throwing them away, ”explained the influencer.

This would be the boots that Mona stole from a young woman, because she wanted some, but she did not have the solvency to acquire them. Photo: Special.

Internet users react annoyed with Mona and Geros

As expected, the video in which Mona accepts that she violently stole some boots from a young “strawberry” as she described her went viral, Internet users were quick to show their disapproval, even asking not to make this guy famous. of people.

Now they are influencers, she steals, she has horrible language, he hits her, he hits her dogs, anyway”, “And these two are the sensation. Really, Mexico is going from bad to worse”, “These types of people and content are the new teachers of the children, water parents, check what their children are seeing on networks, many gawking”, they reacted on Facebook.

Her friends taught Mona to “knock down” people to steal their belongings, she accepted it herself. Photo: Instagram.

What a disappointment, no one who stole and uses violence, or who mistreats animals, can be good human beings, I am not the one to judge them, but I no longer follow them, “wrote Gilberto Alva Villarrea.

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