Mona asks Televisa to consider her to act in ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’

León, Guanajuato.- Monathe popular influencer who a few days ago gave her dad a buchón bouquet, full of bills totaling 50 thousand pesos, now expressed her desire to act in “The Rose of Guadeloupe” and sends him to ask Televisa an opportunity.

In a live broadcast on his channel Youtubewhere she has 1.3 million subscribers, Mona confessed that she does not miss an episode of this television series and expressed her desire to act in an episode.

Do you know what I want girls? I want to get to ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’, I want to go out there and I don’t know what to do, I don’t know whether to send her a WhatsApp, I see her every day, ”Mona told her followers.

“Yesterday when I was there working with my brother, I put ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’, but I ran out of data,” lamented the Leonese.

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After giving her father a buchón bouquet, blogger Mona now wants to appear in ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’. Photo: Special.

The influencer born in Lion, Guanajuatosaid that although he has to travel daily to his new location, where he will soon open his first clothing store, he does not miss the Televisa series.

When asked what her ideal chapter would be to participate in the series, the Geros couple did not hesitate to say that she would like to act in a story in which she is the domestic who falls in love with her employer’s son.

I would go for what I live for, that the girl was poor and the man was handsome, well, Geros doesn’t come in there, but the family doesn’t want him… don’t believe it… you better know what, there are several very good girls , where the father-in-law throws the dogs at you, no, but I don’t have a father-in-law, better than an impossible love, which you can’t have, “said Mona.

The Televisa TV series is inspired by the Virgin of Guadalupe. Photo: Special.

For example, I have seen several, for example where you are the maid and you like the landlady’s son and then the landlady’s son plays with you and gives you the moon and the stars, all the planets, and then you get pregnant, then you tell the boss that you are pregnant with her son and then the son tells you no”, described the content generator.

Mona sends a message to Televisa

Expressing her desire to act, Mona said that she does not know what to do for Televisa to consider her for one or more episodes and appear in this series that has been broadcast since 2008.

I do want to go out, girls, I don’t know how to reach Televisa’s eyes, tell them: ‘please invite me to one of your programs, I’ll try to do the best I can’, if they invite me, I’m going to cry, I’ve always wanted to go out in ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’, because I never, never miss that”.

Although Mona is not an actress, she promises Televisa to do her best if they allow her to participate in this series. Photo: Special.

What is La Rosa de Guadalupe about?

Each sixty-minute episode in the series “La Rosa de Guadalupe” includes the dramatization of a case of ordinary people who experience a true miracle performed by the Virgin of Guadalupe.

And the stories told in the program are a source of inspiration and hope for people who are going through a problem, mystery, bewilderment and amazement are common feelings that are generated when watching this program.

The title of this series comes from the legend that when asking the Virgin of Guadalupe for a miracle, a rose is placed in front of the image and prayed to.

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