Mónica Cruz joins Miguel Ángel and Beatriz Luengo

This Thursday it was confirmed one of the great news that the fans of ‘A step forward’ have been waiting for for more than 17 years. Monica Cruz, the one who gave life to Silvia Jáuregui in the 2002 series, will be part of the new story that takes up the ‘UPA Dance’ universe. This was confirmed by the Formula TV medium shortly before she herself published on her Instagram account that she, officially, will participate in the fiction ‘Upa Next’, whose premiere will take place on the Atresplayer Premium payment platform.

Along with her we will also have Beatriz Luengo and Miguel Angel Munozthe mythical couple of lola and robert who stole our hearts with that ‘Morenita’ that played so much on our radio cassettes. At the moment, they are the only three protagonists of the original cast who join this new adventure that is still in pre-production and has no release date. It remains to be seen whether Pablo Puyol will once again play Pedro and Silvia Marty as Ingrid. Anything is possible, given that the cast’s contracts are still in full negotiations. Now, one of our big questions is whether those involved will re-record (or re-record, which is more likely) the musical hits that catapulted them to fame in the early 2000s. And better yet, will they delight us with some new song? ?

the actors of 'upa dance' in a photo from 2002

The actors of ‘UPA dance’ in a photo from 2002.

Lalo YaskyGetty Images

What will ‘Upa Next’ be about?

As we have known, this sequel produced by Atresmedia and The Mediapro Studio will take up the stories of Lola, Rober and Silvia, who will not appear in a timely manner, but rather form part of the plot permanently throughout, at least, its first season. . Likewise, everything indicates that this new musical and television project introduce a new generation of actors and dancers that will be able to connect with today’s teenage audience, will this return be something like the new ‘Pasión de gavilanes?’.

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The pull that the two-mile nostalgia currently has is confirmed once again, adding the return of ‘UPA’ to those already released of ‘El internado’, ‘Los hombres de Paco’ and ‘Los proteges’, as well as the highly commented return of ‘Physics or chemistry’. We will have to wait a little longer to find out details about the return of the Carmen Arranz School of Performing Arts.

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