Mónica Noguera leaves ‘First Hand’ for this new project. On Televisa?

Mexico City.- For several years Monica Noguera He was part of the show program De Primera Mano, but he has just announced his departure from the broadcast, although he assured that he will stay on Imagen Tv.

But the speculations of his sudden departure have not been long in coming, and now it is the journalist Marcos Antonio Silva who assures that “Mona” could enter the ranks of Televisa.

These rumors have been heard since 2020, the year in which he appeared on the San Ángel television station in a couple of programs, for what they have said that it would be to betray Gustavo Adolfo Infante, and although at first he denied that it was to leave the show program, today it was confirmed that it is a reality.

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Through his YouTube channel, Mark Anthony Silva shared that Monica was soon going to resign from the program hosted by Gustavo Infante, Lalo Carrillo Y Addis Tunonwho would already be looking for a replacement.

The presenter assured that she needs more time in her life and the broadcast absorbs her a lot. Photo: Special.

Mónica confirmed her departure, but she will not leave the company Imagen Televisión, as she assured that she will only leave the program in which she spent five years, but will continue to be part of the talent of the television station.

Good afternoon. I’m not leaving Imagen Televisión, they’ll probably see me with Ciro, Paco Zea, ¡Qué Chulada!, with Sale el Sol, with Yuri, we don’t know… I’m not leaving Imagen, look, from here to old lady, I hope, “he commented to the start your last program.

Although the reason why the presenter left the show program has not yet been revealed, it was only commented that she wanted to have more time in her life, which she has not been able to do because the program is in the afternoons, Monday to Friday and this leaves her with no time for other activities.

“For her, that stage of her life is over, we do not know the reasons exactly, but one of the things that is said is that she is already very tired of participating in the same format because it is from Monday to Friday,” Silva assured.

And he said that, although there is still no real explanation for the reason for his drastic decision, the executives of Imagen TV are already aware, but they are already looking for a replacement, however, they still have nothing.

Mónica worked for several years as a host of the program De Primera Mano. Photo: Special.

“My dearest Mónica Noguera is leaving the ‘First Hand’ program. There is no date yet for when she will leave. We do not know exactly the reasons why she leaves the program with Gustavo Adolfo Infante. She has already spoken with Gustavo and executives. We will be seeing who will arrive at her place, ”she concluded.

Noguera did not give more details about his departure from the program, but he announced that next week he will go to Madrid, Spainto cover the 2022 Platinum Awards that will take place on May 1.

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