Mónica Rodríguez showed makeup that “covered her bozo” with a photo at 15 years old

After she opened up about health problems that have affected her today, Mónica Rodríguez shared a publication about her personal life, in particular, from years ago.

Her followers on social networks, who saw how she referred to a change that has affected thousands of Bogota residents, came across a striking postcard from the Colombian journalist.

Just like a photo of the owner of Miss Universe was revealed before being transgender, Rodríguez was encouraged to dust off an image from which he exalted various details in a humorous tone.

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Mónica Rodríguez showed makeup that “covered her bozo” with a photo at 15 years old

The host of Noticias Uno revived a moment from her past through a publication from your personal Twitter accountwhere he highlighted some particularities of that period.

“I share this photo of my 15 years,” he wrote with an emoji in which he appears pensive. She added: “That makeup,” with another symbol of a woman covering her face in shame.

Precisely, he made a striking comment about the cosmetics he used for that time in which he joked about the utility they had and more details of his eighties ‘look’.

“One so small and with such a plaster (but it covered the bozo [risas]). And how about the Alf pompadour [risas] tangle and Kleer Lac lacquer to be able to lift it [risas]”, he finished.

Despite the fact that the journalist usually uses her social networks to express herself against situations of national reality, before she also shared an image in which she kissed a man.

This was the publication with which the Antioquia communicator revived that stage of her youth, with a postcard in which she exalted the fashion and habits that existed at that time.