Monsieur Periné clings to musical honesty | shows

The Colombian group Monsieur Periné does not succumb to musical fads and reaffirms its “artistic honesty”, in anticipation of the release of its fourth studio album.

“We make the music that we like and not suddenly, the one that is fashionable. We have nothing against. We like to listen to everything and see the good in everything, but when you make your own music, your own search for it, you don’t have to be attached to what’s fashionable, but to your artistic honesty, ”he highlighted. THE SPOKESPERSON the guitarist Santiago Prieto, who integrates the proposal together with the singer Catalina García.

The fusion of pop, folk and jazz that has marked his sound since the beginning of the project, confronts the saturation that prevails in urban music.

“It is a vision of artistic risk to do what not necessarily everyone is doing,” Prieto acknowledged with satisfaction.

Puerto Rico has played a leading role in the search for and encounter of that distinctive sound, particularly Eduardo Cabra, who was in charge of the production of his last two albums, Caja de Música (2015) and Encanto Tropical (2018). The former won him a Latin Grammy in the Best New Artist category, as well as being nominated for Album of the Year, as well as Best Latin/Alternative Rock Album at the Anglo-Saxon Grammy. While, with the second, they achieved three Latin Grammy nominations and another Grammy.

“We are happy to return to a country that we have such special affection for. We have recorded two of our three albums here and we have very special friends, starting with Eduardo Cabra, with whom we have a long musical history”, commented Catalina.

They met Cabra during the time of Calle 13, in the middle of the last decade.

“He told us that he wanted to produce other artists and for us it was a dream to work with Eduardo. We are a big fan of Calle 13, his music and his legacy… We came to San Juan and lived for a month”, Santiago recalled about the beginning of the collaboration with Visitante.

The artists’ stay on the island coincided with the Christmas season and they were even able to say goodbye here that year, welcome the next one and experience the San Sebastian Street Festivals.

“I love the joy that people have (in Puerto Rico), they are cool, close, friendly, talkative people. Of course, I also love the music from here,” said Catalina, who joined Pedro Capó on the theme Parallel World.

End of tour appears and new album at the door

The return of Monsieur Periné to the Island takes place on this occasion en route to his concert on August 21 at the Center for Fine Arts (CBA) in Santurce, which also marks the end of his tour See You Again, through several cities in USA.

“It’s the last concert of our tour and we’re going to be previewing several songs from our new album,” Garcia reported.

One of those songs will be Tú y yo, in collaboration with the Spanish Vanesa Martín, which will premiere on June 24.

“It is a super important song for us, which talks about free love. We made the video in Mexico City and it will give a lot to talk about, “warned the musician.

The cut will be part of the album that is in the final stage of mixing and will consist of 14 songs like the already released Nada and Volverte a ver. The same, recorded between Colombia and Los Angeles, is produced by the Spaniard Rafa Sardina, who has worked with Stevie Wonder and Calle 13, among others.

Before their appointment at the CBA in Santurce, they could celebrate tomorrow, Wednesday, one of their editions of Periné in the Park, where they deliver an outdoor acoustic concert with their followers. The members called to be aware of their social networks for confirmation and location.

Tickets for her show on the island, which will be opened by Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Raquel Sofía, are available at Ticketera.

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