Months ago Hailey, Justin Bieber’s wife, suffered from the same disease as the singer

United States.- Yesterday the singer Justin Bieber shocked all his followers by sharing a revealing video in which his disfigured face was seen, and confessed to going through a bad time, which left his fans worried, who filled the comment box with messages of support and good vibes .

To this day it is known that the Canadian interpreter suffers from “Ramsay Hunt Syndrome”, this disease caused facial paralysis in half of his face, which is why he had to stop the concert tour that he had already scheduled, in addition to who asked all netizens to pray for him.

The 28-year-old singer is going through a serious blow to his health, because in addition to his mouth, the paralysis also affected the nerves of his right ear and face, he explained that his right eye does not blink and he cannot move that side. “So there is complete paralysis on this side of my face,” he said in a video.

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The analyzes revealed that the model suffered a temporary ischemic attack. Photo: Instagram.

It transpired that he is not the only one facing this terrible disease, since his wife, the model Hailey Baldwin, She was also affected by the same virus and suffered from symptoms very similar to those of the “Baby” interpreter a few months ago.

Now it is known that the couple of the pop singer and ex-dancer presented a blood clot that caused the loss of cerebral oxygenation, thanks to the fact that he uploaded a video to the network Youtube recounting his experience with that disease.

“I was having breakfast with my husband like any normal day, a normal conversation and in the middle of everything I had a strange feeling,” she said.

The businesswoman also explained that she felt as if something were running through her body, from her arms to the tips of her feet, since they felt numb and strange: “Suddenly I could not speak, the right part of my face began to fall, no I couldn’t say a single sentence,” he said, referring to facial paralysis.

Subsequently, the analyzes to which the famous model underwent revealed that she suffered a temporary ischemic attack, that is, a moment in which the blood flow to the brain is blocked.

The also businesswoman shared how she dealt with the virus in a video that she uploaded to YouTube. Photo: YouTube.

The doctors who handled her case assured that the cause could be due to various factors such as birth control pills, covid 19in addition to flying by plane for a long time, was the information released by several media outlets.

Baldwin said she was grateful that it was not something so dangerous, and that it did not have permanent consequences. And later the doctors also carried out tests to rule out coagulation problems.

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