More beautiful life: A key actor reveals his buttocks in a photo before his big comeback

One of the actors of More beautiful life raised the temperature on Instagram, August 6, 2022. On Saturday, David Baiot has indeed surprised his community… by revealing his posterior in a photo!

On November 18, More beautiful life will bow out on France 3. The actors of the cult series will indeed have to say goodbye to their characters, some of whom they have embodied for many years. Others, who left the adventure along the way, have made or will make a comeback before the end. This was the case of Rudy Torres (played by Ambroise Michel), Johanna Marci (played by Dounia Coesens) who participated in the prime reunion. Agathe Robin (who plays Valentine Baurens) will also make her comeback after twelve years of absence. Without forgetting David Baïot.

The one who played Djawad Sangha from 2009 to 2017 will indeed make his return to the Mistral. But before that, it was on Instagram that the 39-year-old actor stood out. How ? By posing at the beach, from behind, with her swimsuit down, thus offering a breathtaking view of her buttocks to Internet users, but also to those present. “Oops I Did It Again“, can we read in the caption of the publication (to be translated: “Oops, I did it again.“)