More beautiful life, an actor victim of homophobia: complaints, denunciations … his mind-blowing story

The public sometimes tends not to differentiate between fiction and reality. It happens that some actors are confused with their characters and this can have unfortunate and unexpected consequences. Regis Maynardwho plays Eric in More beautiful life (France 3) can attest to this.

The cult series of France 3 will bow out at the end of the year. But in the meantime, viewers can still discover new episodes and certain intrigues make a strong reaction, including that concerning Eric. Recently, the character of Régis Maynard lives a love story with Simon (played by Julien Ellenrieder). An idyll that does not please some people in the public who went to the Facebook profile of Eric’s interpreter to make homophobic remarks.

It was the main interested party who revealed it on his Instagram account, this Friday, July 1, 2022. “I’ll tell you a joke: it’s July 1, 2022 and the love story of my character Eric Norman in More beautiful life has been broadcast for 15 days on France 3. My character is homosexual and he finally finds love in the person of Simon played by Julien Ellenrieder. Since the beginning of the broadcast of this plot, we have had the return of regular homophobic remarks. That we know (I’ve been playing a gay for 5 and a half years…)“, first wrote Régis Maynard.

He then explained that there was another consequence that he did not expect at all: “Attention fall of the joke: I had a Facebook page (Régis Maynard – comedian) until a few days ago and the images of this plot were posted on it daily. Following numerous complaints, denunciations, I received a message from Facebook telling me: we have decided to close your page because it does not ‘respect the standards of the community’. It’s July 1, 2022, end of the joke.”