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Name Camila Parker Bowles It was, for many years, synonymous with displeasure for the citizens of England, in the vast world that royalty implies.

The current wife of Prince Charles was his first love, even before his mediatic marriage to Princess Diana of Wales, but the story was quite convoluted due to the demands of the Crown.

This is what Camila Parker looked like at 20

In the early 1970s, her maiden name was Camila Shand, before she married her first husband, retired British Army officer, Andrew Parker Bowles.

But before that union, Camila and the heir to the throne of England were boyfriends, when she was 23 years old and he was 22.

However, that relationship was canceled by the Queen Isabel, who considered that Camila did not have the characteristics to be the future queen consort of England. An opinion that would change over the years.

According to El Pais, the relationship between Carlos and Camila began to crumble when the future king joined the Royal Navy in 1971.

In 1973, Camila Shand changed her last name to Parker Bowles when she married officer Andrew Parker, leaving Carlos devastated.

Rivalry with Diana Spencer

Even though Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer, the woman who would become a global icon, in 1981, sparks remained between him and Camila Parker throughout that time.

She is Laura Lopes, the daughter of Camila Parker Bowles who does not belong to royalty

Camilla was the mistress of the Duke of Wales, and Diana always knew it, which led the princess to live years of insecurities and anguish regarding Parker, who remained a close friend of the royal family.

This was revealed during an interview for the BBC in 1995, when he dared to affirm that their relationship was a love triangle, in the obvious presence of Camila. “We were three in this marriage, it was a bit crowded,” he said, according to the Nosotras13 portal.

Camila was definitely very different from Diana, the blonde and delicate girl who contrasts with the rough and rude figure of the woman who stood in the way of their marriage. For this reason, it was known that the princess, full of rancor, referred to her in a derogatory way, reiterating how unattractive she was of her and saying that she looked old.

“Ugly, old, fat and dirty, even very dirty. She couldn’t stand Camilla’s nails, damaged from riding and blackened from gardening, or her hair, which she considered greasy and poorly cut”, were the words Diana used against her appearance.

After years of love and heartbreak, in 1995 Camila separated from Andrew Parker and only a year later, the royal union between Carlos and Princess Diana was dissolved, leaving the way free for the former lovers to meet again.

In 2005, the couple finally managed to formalize their union, this time with the approval of Queen Elizabeth, who recently stated that she hopes that Camilla of Cornwall will be her successor as queen consort when the time comes to hand over her throne to her eldest son. .

At 74 years old, he wears a face with many wrinkles, in his radical position of resisting the passage of the operating room. However, her transformation on the way to becoming queen consort is evident. (AND)

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