More dignified, more imposing … how Kate Middleton already brilliantly takes on her role as Princess of Wales

Kate Middleton, Princes William and Harry, and Meghan Markle. (UK, September 10, 2022.) Getty Images

Saturday September 10, during the walk in Windsor in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton stood out among the Fab4.

The first appeared walking hand in hand. The second didn’t even touch. On the surreal images captured on Saturday September 10 at Windsor Castle, showing for the first time in two years Kate Middleton, Prince William, Harry and Meghan Markle, the contrast between the two couples did not go unnoticed. That day, they were on the occasion of a march in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8. A moving and solemn event during which the modesty and the distance of Kate and William swore with the tenderness between Meghan and Harry.

Hand in hand and heads tilted, the latter appeared almost in the background, but more united than ever. Conversely, William, the new Prince of Wales, walked through the gates of Windsor Castle with a confident step, without taking a look at his wife. And vice versa. Indeed, it is all dressed in black and the closed face that Kate Middleton made her appearance as the new Princess of Wales, certainly taking the full measure of her role in history.

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In the footsteps of Lady Di

Because the latter knows that she now takes up the torch of Lady Di, the late mother of her husband. If she should normally succeed Camilla Parker Bowles (became queen consort), the latter had never wished to be consecrated princess of Wales, out of respect for the ex-wife of her husband, king Charles III. “The Prince and Princess of Wales will approach their roles in the same modest and humble way they have approached their work before. The new Princess of Wales appreciates the history associated with this role, but will naturally want to look to the future as she charts her own path,” a royal source told The Sun.

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queen consort jewelry

Kate Middleton also seems to take her new role as princess to heart with her choice of jewelry. On September 9, the day after the death of Elizabeth II, Prince William’s wife was photographed wearing an 18-carat pearl earring, signed by British designer Annoushka Ducas. According The Mirror, this should be seen as a tribute to the late Queen and a desire to perpetuate royal traditions as it should. Still worn by women at funerals, beads are often referred to as “mourning jewelry,” the outlet reports.

Before her, Lady Diana had worn pearls, in 1977, at the funeral of Gianni Versace. Before Elizabeth II in turn honored this custom at her funeral in 1997. “Pearls have been traditional for queens for a thousand years – there has never been a queen who has not worn pearls,” said Leslie Field, author of The Queen’s Jewelsat People.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William know that they are now in the front line to access the throne after Charles III, is already preparing to embrace their future.