more than 10,000 registered for the show’s castings in 48 hours

Singing, dancing, theatre… TF1 has announced the return of its famous musical reality show. Registrations for the selections, open since May 4, are already taken by storm by future candidates.

Ready to be part of the new promotion of the StarAc? This Tuesday, TF1 announced the big return of its famous musical program who made the rich hours of the channel in the early 2000s.

More than 20 years after its first season, the program of reality show which revealed Jenifer, Élodie Frégé or even Nolwenn Leroy still arouses as much enthusiasm, as evidenced by the number of registrations listed by TF1 for the castings of this new 2022 season, open to the public since May 4.

As the private channel reports on Twitter, more than 10,000 applications were received by TF1 in just 48 hours. To compare, Koh Lanta receives about 25,000 a year and The Voice around 20,000, according to TVMagazine.

The record for the number of registrations for a television program in France is held by Beijing Express with 90,000 applications registered for its 2022 edition.

Millions of viewers

The star Academy, broadcast from October 2001 to December 2008, had managed to unite a loyal audience thanks to a formula between reality TV and variety show. Candidates were locked in a castle of Seine-et-Marne and filmed all day. Every evening, a one-hour program reported on the last 24 hours, made up of dance, singing or sports lessons, headaches and romantic rapprochements.

Every Friday, a prime was then organized live on a television set during which one of the candidates was eliminated. These evenings were very successful in terms of audience, in particular thanks to the many world stars invited to perform on stage alongside certain participants: Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Johnny HallydayElton John or even Madonna.

When they were broadcast on TF1 in the early 2000s, the bonuses attracted between 5.4 and 7.7 million viewers. The first season finale had been watched by 11.8 million people.