Moria Casán “claims her cesarean section” by posing in a bikini, at 76 years old

January 26, 2023, 15:28 PM

January 26, 2023, 15:28 PM

Some days ago, Moria Casan She went viral by appearing in a bikini and natural, at 76 years old. This image was taken carelessly and earned some criticism from the Argentine diva, who, far from being ashamed, doubled her bet by uploading a video to her networks to proudly show her figure.

I claim the sovereignty of my womb and my caesarean section on @socastiglione’s birthday, unfiltered video (…). Hold on to the revolution of the old women”wrote next to the video the Argentine actress and television presenter who celebrated her daughter’s birthday in this way, the also actress Sofía Gala Castiglione. In the clip, Moria blows kisses and laughs for the camera.

Last week, a Twitter user posted a photo of Moria on the beach to criticize her body and the way she dresses. “Cover yourself lady, position yourself as what you are, an older woman“The Internet user noted next to the image. Far from gaining support, the comment generated general rejection and praise for Casán.

And precisely Moria herself appeared to defend herself in her style. “I love myself. Cover yourself…”he replied.

Among the reactions also appeared Gabriela Cerruti, spokesperson for the Argentine presidency, who joined the diva’s ‘team’.

“Cover up your judgments and prejudices, friend. It is very younger woman comment on the body of others. And even less is to believe that there is an age for freedom, pleasure or enjoyment of life. Thank you @Moria_Casan for your freedom. #Larevoluciondelasviejas will bank you a lot” (SIC), wrote the presidential spokeswoman.