most expensive celebrity engagement rings

When celebrities get engaged, the ring and its size is one of the things that the media highlights the most.

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If an engagement between celebrities is announced in Hollywood, the ring is one of the focuses of attention. Without a doubt, this precious jewel draws the eyes of critics, as several celebrities love to show it off on the red carpets.

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Although for some, this precious jewel does not have a great meaning, for others yes. Well, the size, color and type of stone says a lot about who is proposing marriage.

Sometimes it seems that celebrities compete to have the most spectacular or peculiar child, and without a doubt, some have managed to surprise the same girlfriend.

What are the most expensive celebrity rings?

Although some do not fully show their jewelry, there are those who have managed to value the stones very well and giving an approximate figure of what it could cost.

Mariah Carey Ring

The renowned singer is ranked number one with a $10 million ring. This was made in silver and had a 35-carat diamond.

Jennifer Lopez Ring

Newly engaged JLo shocked the world by announcing her engagement to actor Ben Affleck. The detail of the square-shaped natural green diamond drew attention, but its value even more since it is between 8 and 10 million dollars.

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kim kardashian ring

Of course, the controversial ring of Kim Kardashian had to be on the list. Kanye West’s gift in 2013. The estimated value of this is 5 million dollars.

Beyonce’s Jewel

The admired singer wore a precious ring in silver with a 24-carat diamond. Its value is valued at 5 million dollars.

Serena Williams Jewel

Just as the tennis player has been in the headlines for her career and triumphs, she has also done so for her engagement ring. Williams wore a ring of a beautiful oval cut diamond surrounded by two stones, its value ranges between 3 to 4 million dollars.

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Paris Hilton Ring

The controversial heiress received in 2018 a precious ring with a 20-carat teardrop-shaped diamond. This precious jewel was valued at 2 million dollars.

Angelina Jolie ring

Although they are no longer together, this jewel made headlines in the media, because as far as international media pointed out, actor Brad Pitt took a whole year to design the jewel with a 16-carat diamond. This was valued at $500,000.