mother of seven children and gynecologist

Ursula von der Leyen is one of the most influential women in Europe. President of the European Commission since 2019, she assumes one of the key roles in the development of the policies of the old continent. However, much is unknown about this effective leader, who, at 63, has had a most exciting life. Born in 1958 in Brussels, she is the sixth daughter of a wealthy German family, the Albrechts, whose head of the family, his father Ernst, became minister-president of Lower Saxony, Therefore, from a very young age, she has been linked to the public sphere and has known how to handle the games of politics.


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In the capital of Belgium he lived until he was 14 years old, hence his perfect command of French. He later moved to Hannover, where his father was able to further his professional career. Throughout her adolescence, she was part of the electoral campaigns of her father, who, like her, was a member of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union), so it was very common to see her photographed accompanied by her pets, her favorites are the horses for which he feels great passion because he also practices dressage, or delighting the press with impromptu home piano concerts.


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On the other hand, when he came of age, he preferred to take on a fresh air and disassociate himself from the familiar paths. Therefore, he moved to London to begin his studies in economics. During this time, and to avoid a possible kidnapping by the Red Army Faction terrorist group, he hid under the false identity of Rose Ladson, and even received the protection of Scotland Yard. A new life away from her family that was not entirely satisfactory for her, since she left her degree halfway through and returned to her native Germany and enrolled in medicine. In this career she not only found her perfect professional vocation, since she successfully graduated in the specialty of gynecology, but also to the love of her life and future husband Heiko von der Layen.


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Together with this eminent doctor he passed through the altar in 1986 and had 7 children: David (35), Sophie (33), Maria Donata (30), Johanna (28), Victoria (28), Egmont (24), Grace (23). With them she is usually very reserved, but she shares some happy moments through her social profiles such as the birth of her first granddaughter, Sophie’s daughter. A large and very traveling family because after a few years of marriage, her husband got a job at Stanford University, California, United States, so the whole family moved there. A time in which he developed his work in the health sector and He was able to learn English more closely, a language in which he is completely fluent.


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On his return to Europe, specifically in 2003, he took the step to politics. What at first seemed like a discreet career in the regional world, soon went further and jumped to the national elections. Because of her extensive resume, Angela Merkel placed her trust in her in 2005 and appointed her Minister of Family and Social Security. Precisely because of her extensive experience as a mother, one of the measures for which she has fought the most has been the reconciliation between family and work life by ensuring that all children have equal access to a place in pre-school education. A movement that was very successful among the population and that increased its popularity.


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Other feats he achieved during his stay in Berlin was the the improvement of working conditions, such as the rise in the professional minimum wage, or the construction of a more egalitarian society, with the approval of same-sex marriage. Her career was progressing brilliantly and it seemed that no one could stop her in this ascent, many saw her as the perfect candidate to replace Merkel herself. Instead, in 2013, she was appointed Minister of Defense, one of the main portfolios within the government, but his relationship with the high officials of the army was never too good, which caused his star in the Germanic country to fade slightly.


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Despite this little setback Fate had prepared for him a return to his origins: Brussels. Since, after a meeting with Emmanuel Macron, the French president was fascinated by his way of being and knowledge and decided to propose his name as a candidate for the presidency of the European Commission, thus taking over from Jean Claude Jucker. What has led her to become in one of the main female references of the world of politics at European and world level.