Mother’s Day: Julio César Uribe cries as he remembers his late mother on Jorge Benavides’ program Video JB on ATV Farándula RMMN | PEOPLE

Julio César Uribe appeared in the recent edition of the program “JB en ATV” and taking advantage of the television cameras, the former soccer player decided to send a message to Peruvian mothers on their special day.

“I want to take the opportunity to send a super special greeting and the best appreciation to those who for me are not only mothers, but goddesses. They are the only ones who can give life.” expressed the former playmaker midfielder.

In the middle of this message, Uribe remembered his late mother and could not help the tears: “I always thank my old lady who is in heaven because she enlightens me and we have to honor her by being good human beings.”

Julio César Uribe cries when remembering his late mother on a TV show

Jorge Benavides and part of the cast noted the former soccer player’s sensitivity and did not hesitate to provide him with emotional support so that Uribe could express himself on a notional level.

“Even the greatest shed their tears”, commented the comedian Carlos Vílchez to close the emotional moment.

Mother’s Day in Peru will be celebrated this Sunday, May 8, and it is expected that different Peruvian personalities will speak out on social networks about this special date.


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