Motsi Mabuse’s real hair: what does she look like without a wig?

She’s the one who always seems to be in a good mood. The former professional dancer has been on the jury for “Let’s Dance” since 2011 and entertains an audience of millions with her extroverted and warm manner. Motsi Mabuse is married and has a daughter with her husband Evgenij Voznyuk, who was born in August 2018. The 41-year-old mother has not yet published photos showing the girl’s face.

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Motsi Mabuse on her daughter: “We are like Siamese twins”

However, Motsi has not always found it easy to play her role as a mother. “I just didn’t want to do anything wrong, which is why I cried a lot. But suddenly it happened overnight,” she said in 2019 to the magazine “Gala”. However, this phase is now over. “My husband says the little girl and I are like conjoined twins. When he comes home, she and I always do the same thing: eat, sleep and cry.”

Motsi Mabuse wears a wig or hair extensions

Her hair is particularly noticeable when she appears in public. Motsi Mabuse is the woman with the many hairstyles. But what many do not know: Motsi Mabuse wears either hair extensions or a wig! The “Let’s Dance” judge rarely shows her real hair – here she made an exception during the baby walk.

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Real hair: what does Motsi Mabuse look like without a wig?

In a cool beach outfit, Motsi Mabuse showed up on Instagram and with a summery short-haired afro. “Me, myself and my Afro were just drinking up,” wrote the 41-year-old.

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Where does Motsi Mabuse come from?

The South African comes from the village of Mankwe. When she was five, her family moved to South Africa’s capital, Pretoria, where her father opened his own law firm, which Motsi would later take over. But Motsi dropped out of law school after a short time – because of her dance career.

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At the age of 18 she met the German professional dancer Timo Kulczak, who became not only a dance but also a life partner. Motsi moved to Aschaffenburg for this. The couple danced a successful career together: they became German champions twice.

Motsi Mabuse misses her parents

After the birth of her daughter, she had a lot of support from her mother. But she soon had to travel back to South Africa. “Living very far apart and visa laws separate us as a family. I always hear people talk so lightly about their parents, but some of us cherish every moment with our parents. She’s been so helpful with the baby. It feels unfair,” wrote the dancer on Instagram. Motsi has often revealed that she longs to be close to her parents in South Africa.

Motsi Mabuse: malicious comments for pregnancy pounds

In addition to the family problems, the dancer dealt with another topic after the pregnancy: she received malicious comments for the pounds she had gained during that time. “Pregnant women don’t even have to take part in such a discussion about their bodies,” she told the “Gala”. “We’re all women with different shapes and we all react very differently when we’re pregnant.”

A woman’s weight is something very personal – and that’s especially true during pregnancy. “Body shaming” of women during pregnancy is “sad and disgusting,” wrote the native South African on Instagram.

Weight of Motsi Mabuse: She has lost 14 kilos

With the help of Weight Watchers, Mosti has lost 14 kilos. “My child comes first, I’m very conscious of my time and set clear limits and priorities. That’s exactly the be-all and end-all when changing your diet with WW,” she reveals her secret.

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Marriage with ex-husband and dance retirement

In 2010, the then 28-year-old wants to retire from dancing. But she can’t stand it for long. After only a few months, she celebrated her comeback – with a new partner: Evgenij Voznyuk. But after four years the time has really come. The dancer ended her dance career in 2014 and with her her marriage to Timo Kulczak.

Motsi and her former dance partner, Evgenij Voznyuk, have been a couple since 2015, the two have been married since 2017 and parents since 2018.

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