Mourning in the Mexican regional: Dear singer dies and leaves ice cream what she confessed before she died

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Mexico City.- Almost 10 years after tragic death from Jenni Riverathe ‘Band Diva‘, they reveal what would be one of their last words To his family Before diemessage that shook everyone.

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She was the ex-wife of the singer’s brother Lupillo Rivera, Mayeli Alonsowho before being expelled this Monday from reality The House of Celebrities 2 in Telemundoaired what would have been the last conversation of his ex-sister-in-law before the fatal accident.

According to Mayeli, the interpreter of Look at me Y Dear Partner made a shocking confession to his brother in which he hinted that I was afraid that something happened to him.

The reality TV star mentioned that he witnessed a strong conversation that Jenni had with Lupillo, finishing a concert.

She came to a concert with Lupillo and I remember that when she left there, it was my birthday and she went into the dressing room; everyone left and she and he, my mom and I stayed; and he told her such crazy things … and such a cul … that had happened to him and what they did to her that Lupillo vomited, “he said.

He added: “(She said) ‘what? I can’t believe what you’re telling me’ and she (answered) ‘yes, and i’m scared’. Five days later she died, she was afraid. I think I already felt that I was going to die“, he mentioned, leaving everyone at the table with their mouths open.

He also commented that the regional mexican singer lived terrible things in the last months before his death and that throughout his life he suffered greatly.

I imagine that your plane is failing, that is, that feeling, if when you bring turbulence… that’s why when she died I distanced myself from everyone because I heard things that… It does make me angry because I spoke with Jenni, I have messages from her. I have a lot of things that she lived through, wey, she was very cul… the last thing in her life, I don’t wish it on anyone and I hope something like that never happens to me (…) I was dying in life“.

And he expressed his annoyance against the fights that have been after his death and what has been done with his music and legacy.

They destroyed everything she worked for, everyone wanted to appear and the star was, was and will be Jenni, whoever likes it. I hope her children do that with Jenni’s legacy, because she deserves it, “she said bluntly.

Finally, Mayeli stressed that the bioseries that have emerged about Jenni Rivera’s life do not resemble what she actually lived because she always got ahead without anyone’s help.

She was a ching…, she never needed her brothers or anyone to get ahead, “he concluded.

As will be remembered, there is still a lot of mystery and doubt about the unexpected death of the “Diva de la banda”, because to date there are still speculations about the causes of her alleged plane crash, in addition to the fact that there are many who believe that it was murdered.

Source: Twitter @programa_hoy and Instagram @jennirivera