Movie “Rafaela” presents official trailer

The Dominican feature film “Rafaela” arrives for the first time in national cinemas prior to its commercial premiere, being seen this Wednesday, April 27, as the film that will open the Fine Arts Film Festival.

The cast of this film piece is led by actress Judith Rodríguez, who plays the central character “Rafaela”, along with other great actors such as Manuel Raposo, Gerardo “El cuervo” Mercedes, Hony Estrella, Esmailyn Morel, Luinis Olaverría , Anderson Mojica, among others, who make up a first-rate cast to deliver a representative work of Creole cinema.

“Rafaela” is a film directed by Tito Rodríguez (La Familia Reyna), written by Cristian Mojica (Azul Magia) and produced by Danilo Reynoso (La Familia Reyna), which tells the story of a young woman from the Capotillo neighborhood of Santo Domingo and leader of a petty crime gang, who in the midst of an increasingly violent world, seeks her identity and the opportunity to have a more hopeful future for herself and her family.

Under the executive production of Archie López, Hony Estrella and Edward Díaz, this story that portrays the circles of violence and misery in our marginal neighborhoods, had its world premiere at the International Film Festival of India – IFFI GOA, considered one of the most in the world, after winning the Primera Mirada contest at the Panama International Film Festival, an event where it had its Latin American premiere in 2021, and was recently presented at the Athens International Film and Video Festival, in Ohio, USA.

“Rafaela”, whose original story is based on a short film written more than 10 years ago by Judith Rodríguez herself, is a proposal from the production company Destiny’s Films in association with Pop Entertainment, Mentes Fritas and Panamericana de Producciones, under the incentives of the Film Law 108-10 and the distribution of Caribbean Cinemas.