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The 2022 Oscar-winning film that goes by its name coda continues to generate a positive impact on the audienceso much so that more and more people have been attracted to enjoy this moving production.

And it is that beyond the central theme and that gives rise to inclusionthis story is full of unimaginable but very real messages, situations and moments that undoubtedly transform the thoughts of a society that, despite being increasingly inclusive, still has a long way to go to decode how human beings should be more permissive and mature when dealing with people with a disability, therefore There is no doubt that the academy has awarded this prestigious award to this very human plot.

From its synopsis you can predict what is coming, but in the same way, there are those who have not yet understood much of its essence and that is why they have turned to look at it to understand why since this triumph it has caused such a stir in the entertainment industry. So do not hesitate to see it.

Movies similar to coda that will make you reflect on life

And it is that as everyone has already been able to appreciate in coda The issue of society is addressed and how it is not yet ready to include deaf and dumb people. For this reason, one of the members of a large family that has this disability must get ahead, because she is the only one who had it.fortunate to have a voice and an ear to face all the difficulties, support his family and also fulfill his dream of being a singer.

This girl will not have it easy because he will always find people on his way who will make comments and other opinions against his relatives and for that, he will sharpen his claws to defend them at all costs. Therefore, if you are a lover of this type of stories that always have different perspectives to tell, do not hesitate to enjoy these other titles that are similar to this Oscar winner and that is on everyone’s lips.

the dark daughter

this production shows how being a mother is not a profession, much less an obligation, on the contrary, it is a real feat because it is in the hands of a woman to take care of her family, but on this occasion, this role turns out to be a stormy act once a very wounded woman begins to obsess over a couple made up of a mother and daughter that makes him relive past conflicts.

It is a drama worth enjoying from start to finish. Well, it has a cast of important figures such as Olivia Colman.

light dark

This movie It has the following synopsis: “In 1920s New York, a black woman’s life takes an unexpected turn when she reconnects with a childhood friend posing as white.” Much of this painful drama is foretold from this description.

In it, the public will also find impeccable performances by Tessa Thompson, Ruth Negga, Andre Holland, among others.