movies to overcome the toxic and start to be happy

If you want to get over a breakup and say goodbye to that poison that did you so much harm, nothing better than a movie marathon in Netflix to make it.

A separation is not easy, even from a toxic one, and it is that for more damage that love did to us, it is there, but it is time to leave it behind and realize how valuable you are.

Nothing better than seeing yourself reflected in a movie and seeing how a woman overcomes that poison, so that you learn and value yourself much more.

Therefore, we leave you the best Netflix movies so you can leave that toxic behind and heal your heart.

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Netflix: movies you can watch to overcome a toxic

someone extraordinary

Someone Extraordinary is a movie available on Netflix that is perfect for getting over that jerk, as it tells the story of Jenny Young, played by Gina Rodríguez, who is disappointed to break up with her boyfriend.

However, the young woman gets ahead, with the help of her friends, gets over it and realizes that she is much better off without him and that she is worth gold.

story of a marriage

One of the most real and raw stories on Netlix is ​​Story of a marriage, where a couple decides to divorce because they have very different interests and dreams.

The couple, played by Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, lives through a toxic and difficult divorce, but Nicole, as Scarlett, shows that a woman can move forward after a divorce and with a child and inspires us all.

6 Years

Another perfect movie to get over a toxic person is 6 years, where we can see the lives of two young people, Mel and Dan, who, although they seem to have a perfect relationship, are not, and after six years of dating they have the most toxic.

They decide to end and prove that it is never healthy to be in a toxic relationship, giving a great lesson and that is that no matter how many years you have with that person, you must have self-esteem and overcome that toxic that only hurts you.

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The amazing Jessica James

A movie that will inspire you and help you leave that toxic behind is The Incredible Jessica James, which shows the story of a young woman who has just broken up with her partner, and moves forward.

Getting over the breakup isn’t easy for her, but she understands that it’s not the end of the world and starts living her prime, going on Tinder dates and blind dates, and shows that we can always get over that terrible relationship and value ourselves.