moving message for Mother’s Day

The love of a mother for her little children fills her spirit with strength to fight against all those difficulties that life puts in front of them. Proof of this courage and power is the actress Marjorie de Sousa, who has done everything possible to stay with her son Matías de Ella.

On the eve of Mother’s Day, many artists take the opportunity to remember their parents and all the good things they have contributed to their formation as great figures, but there were also those who thanked their descendants for appearing in their lives and bringing them much happiness with their existence. . Such was the case of the actress of “La Desalmada”.

Marjorie deSousa made a very special post on May 8 on his official Instagram account dedicated to Matthiasson that the Venezuelan had with Julián Gil 5 years ago, where he wrote a small letter completely opening his heart to capture all the beautiful feelings he has for him.

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He also attached a short video clip where you can see the hand of the actress and her son forming a heart, in the background you can see that they are walking along the beach, enjoying playing with the sand. The famous also selected the song ‘You changed my life’ by the Briseño Brothers to set the scene for the intimate scene.

Marjorie de Sousa: moving message for Mother’s Day. Source: Instagram


In the description of the post he wrote how it is that the arrival of her offspring changed her life in a positive way, fulfilling one of his greatest dreams. “You changed my life !!! My Mati I love you with all my being, you are the best gift, you my everything, you my whole sky. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU”, was part of what she wrote.

She was also thanking her for allowing her to be her mother, since she has been able to experience many of the great joys that motherhood offers.

THANK YOU for giving me the gift of being your mom.”

She was also giving thanks for the life lessons it has taught her and the motivation it gives her to seek to be a better version of herself day after day, to overcome herself and face with hope the challenges she has encountered throughout of the road.

fans of Marjorie deSousa They were very moved by her words of affection towards her 5-year-old son, so they filled the comment space with many messages of support and love, emphasizing the great example she is as a working mother.

“Congratulations Marjo, congratulations Doña Glo. Examples of strength, love and constant sacrifice. Infinite blessings always”, “Happy day @marjodsousa what a blessing to have the responsibility of raising a child, nothing is more beautiful in this world. Kisses to you and mati”, “Happy day! Enjoy it a lot and love always overflows with your Mati”, were some of the most tender messages that the post received.

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