Mr. Barriga revealed how he fights against the consequences left by the coronavirus

Despite having had two vaccines from the scheme and two boosters, Édgar Vivar, better known as Ñoño or Señor Barriga, suffered from covid-19, a virus that undoubtedly wreaked havoc on his body, so today the Mexican actor fights against its aftermath.

Ñoño, Chavo del 8’s classmate, recently reappeared after having suffered from the discomfort of the disease more than two months ago. He did it on the red carpet of the Live My Selection exhibition that takes place in the Pavilion of the Palacio de los Deportes, in Mexico City.

In the middle of that event, the famous Mexican actor spoke with several media outlets.

“I am in very good health, I am recovering from the aftermath of covid; Six weeks ago I tested negative. I thought that it was not going to give me after four vaccines that I have inside, but no way, it touched me; fortunately it was in the most benign way, ”she recounted.

According to the actor, the consequences left by the virus were: “A severe headache, terrible sore throat, and a very heavy tiredness, and that is the most annoying and hard to bearbut from there on out I’m perfect ”.

Nevertheless, He was grateful that the coronavirus has not hit him so hard, compared to other people.

“I have been inside my house throughout this pandemic, I did not go anywhere, and I have been disinfecting everything, even my thoughts. I am very lucky because the disease hit me in a very mild way. These last two years I have lost 16 colleagues and friends in a terrible way. So that shook me and made me evaluate what the pathway and health is, which is something fragile, ”he added.

Bill Gates revealed the keys to avoiding a next pandemic

How to prevent the next pandemic, is the title of the new book by Bill Gates, businessman and co-founder of the technology multinational Microsoft. There, the tycoon captured different texts that remained from the pandemic generated by covid-19.

Gates assured that in the world “the work of preparing to avoid future pandemics has not been taken seriously” and believes that the one generated by “covid-19 may be the last. I know it’s hard to believe when we’re still trying to control her. During the last two years the whole world has faced a multitude of difficulties and it is not easy to be optimistic in the face of the misery that so many people have experienced.”

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In his book, the tycoon revealed what are, according to his perspective, the ways in which the issue should be handled, to prevent everything that has happened since 2020 from repeating itself. His first step “is to form a pandemic prevention team.” In addition, he assured that “the World Health Organization is underfunded.”

Therefore, he proposedform a new international organization that must have a sufficient annual budget, financed by the rich countries of about a billion dollars, in addition to adequate staffing, of about 3,000 people, and being managed by the World Health Organization as a global resource”, registers Infobae America.

Likewise, Gates emphasized that “antiviral treatments should not be underestimated. In future outbreaks they may have a great potential to save lives and prevent health systems from collapsing.”

Gates also “wants to improve both the manufacturing and distribution of vaccines, and the vaccines themselves, in particular by eliminating cold chains,” the journal reported. The Economist.