Mr. Bean: What became of hit actor Rowan Atkinson?

Watch the video: what became of Mr. Bean? The achievements of actor Rowan Atkinson.

With his clumsy manner, the actor caused a lot of laughter among the audience in his cult role, especially in the 90s. Despite the huge success, it remained relatively quiet around the 67-year-old today. In 1997 and 2007, the actor once again thrilled audiences with his star role in the cinema films “Bean – The Ultimate Disaster Film” and in “MR. BEAN’S HOLIDAY – His last appearance as Mr. Bean, by the way. Atkinson played a goofy agent in the hit comedy ‘Johnny English.’ very well. In 1983 he starred opposite Sean Connery in the Bond film Never Say Never Never. In recent years, fans have had to do without new films of their neurotic eccentric “Mr. Bean”. In the British crime series “Inspector Maigret” Rowan Atkinson swapped his former role for a job as a serious detective. However, the actor has not completely shelved his unique facial expressions. Fans of the actor can rejoice. Because in December 2023 the film “Wonka” is scheduled to hit the cinemas. Rowan Atkinson will also play a role in the film adaptation of the children’s book classic “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.