Mr. Pokora: “Otherwise I get insulted”, this unexpected confidence about his audience

On June 10, 2023, M Pokora will launch its big tour Epicenter Tower at Paris La Défense Arena, to celebrate his 20-year career. It is therefore a grandiose show which is announced, during which the friend of Omar Sy will sing his innumerable hits, including the one which revealed him to the eyes of the general public: She controls me. A title on which he returned to combinationexplaining in particular that he must sing it at almost all his concerts, otherwise he will disappoint his fans: “It’s a must, that one. I have to sing it on every tour, otherwise I get insulted by my audience“.

As soon as I heard the chorus, I knew it was a hit. There were a bit of two songs in one, the fact that the verses are quite spacey and that suddenly the chorus has a dancehall, Afro-Caribbean rhythm. And the title, I immediately found it huge“, he also declared, still about this song that has become legendary. Note that it had been designated “Francopohone song of the year“during the ceremony of NRJ Music Awards in 2006.

My ‘Epicenter’ is my family

As a reminder, three years after his last project, the 37-year-old artist recently made his musical comeback with the release of his 9th album entitled Epicenter. A title dedicated to his family, namely his wife Christina Milian and his children Isaiah and Kenna, of which he speaks as rarely through the lyrics of his songs in this new opus. “My ‘Epicenter’, it is my family. I can’t make a record with this title without mentioning this tidal wave and earthquake that took place in my life with the arrival of my two children. It had a big impact on my personal life.“, he explained recently in the columns of the Parisian.

An interview during which he also explained that a duet with his darling, who is also a singer, was not on the agenda for the moment: “She left music aside a bit to focus on her acting career. And I don’t want to mix the personal and the pro too much. We each have to keep our own little world.” But who knows… never say never!