Mr. Pokora talks about the “dark moments” of his career



In an interview with “Soir Mag”, Mr. Pokora spoke of the difficulties encountered throughout his career.

Mr. Pokora indulged in a few confidences. In an interview given toEvening Mag“, the 37-year-old singer spoke of his children, named Isaiah (soon to be 3 years old) and Kenna (1 year and a half), whom they describe as “his top priority”. “When it comes to my children, I go to the quarter turn. It took me some time to accept this new vulnerability. It means showing your feelings, your flaws, it’s not really easy”, he declared a few weeks after the release of his new album “Epicentre”.

In his disc, M Pokora even dedicates the title “Before You” to his sons. “I can’t make a record that bears this title without mentioning this tidal wave and earthquake that it had in my life with the arrival of my two children”, he confided to the “Parisian“.

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His fear is oblivion

“I have known dark moments in my career but I have always seen a glimmer of hope there”, continued Mr. Pokora in the columns of the Belgian magazine, explaining that he carried much less importance today. to “numbers”. “Numbers, I don’t care. The important thing is to leave behind all the negativity of the past two years, to finish on stage and finally find my audience.

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The companion of Christina Milian then confided that his greatest fear in life, “is oblivion”. But to counter this fear, the one who was revealed in “Popstars” in 2003 “treats his audience like a woman” trying to “surprise” them.