MTV launches Revenge of the former VIPs 2 They reunite with old loves!

Recently, the famous MTV network has launched the second season of the controversial reality show Revenge of the former VIPs, a program that without a doubt has caused great astonishment due to the lawsuits, parties and others.

The second season of La Venganza de los ex-VIPs premiered this Tuesday the 24th on the Paramount+ streaming platform and the MTV cable signal.

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Brandon Meza, Diana Estrada, Christian Renaud, Lizbeth Rodríguez, La Divaza, Yurgenis, Isaac Torres, Leslie Gallardo, Ana Cisneros and El Rufas, are the influencers who were brought together for a month to find their new crush on paradisiacal Colombian beaches.

This is how the famous reality show promises surprises, love, heartbreak, dramas, lawsuits and reunions, according to Brandon.

I am in my debut with a large program like this. I say it like a royal, because it is true, it is difficult to be part of this, at the moment you fall in love, then you fight and then you are about to leave, here you are the real person and not that you can disguise yourself in front of cameras ”.

It should be noted that in the broadcast he debuts The Divinewho has been making videos for YouTube for 10 years.


I never thought I was going to be called and until now I am still crying to be chosen, as a content creator, it is not easy because you have to do everything throughout the 24 hours, that is, from the first day to the last, in a house very different from where one usually lives. Although for me the most difficult thing was to see my exes, because I was not on good terms with them, ”he said.

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