MTV premieres the second season of “Resistiré” – El Sol de México

The show of physical tests and isolation that in 2019 made its First season in Chile, it changes venue and climate. From an unknown location in Colombia, 16 participants will have an initial bag of one million pesos for the winner, with the challenge of spending as little as possible to cover their basic needs, or be tempted to pay for some luxury.

In an extreme hot climate, surrounded by insects, but above all faced with their own limits, the participants will put their physical strength and determination to the test. Premiered this Monday at mtv and the platform Paramount+the show produced by Vis is hosted by Estefanía Ahumada and Faisy.

Among the participants there are competitors from other reality shows mtvWhat acapulco shore and Revenge of the exesin addition to a Chef, professional athletes and influencers.

For the fighter Diosa Quetzal, living with personalities from other reality shows “that have nothing to do” with the resistance contest, in which they faced “such strong conditions, made us discover who we really are.”

During the presentation of Showsaid that being an athlete, she has a diet, “not being able to feed myself as it should, brought out both the best and the worst in me, I think that in these types of programs that take you to the limit, it is clear that everyone we have something good and something bad”.

Yann Lobo, parkour instructor, who has already participated in other reality, confessed that on this occasion he launched himself into the unknown. “It’s a fun but terrifying adrenaline rush, you don’t know what’s going to happen, you’re psyched up to get to a place you don’t know, to enter competitions with a team you don’t choose, the nerves go out, the adrenaline consumes you, it’s a unique experience”.

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Chile, who is part of the cast of acapulco shoreshared that “it is a great experience to be in I will resistmy lifestyle is very different from what was lived there, but I like challenges, living new experiences, they will see me more real, more like I usually am in my real life”.

Fernando Lozada, who was a shore and currently driving acapulco shock He recalled that he had already been in shows of physical challenges, but this one is totally different, “the most bastard thing was knowing himself and the others, I think they knew me more than my friends, because you expose yourself, you get the copper, I thought that there are things that I would never do, or would never be like that, because you are not in the circumstances, things happen that surprise you, sometimes you don’t even have the energy to walk, but if a competition comes, we all jump; or what you are capable of doing for a hot dog, these are extreme circumstances.”