Muffins instead of Mafia: This is the new one from Rostock

Lina Beckmann literally follows in the big footsteps of Charly Hübner in the Rostock “Polizeiruf”. Not an easy task, but the theater actress has her own concept for it.

With the crumbs of a home-baked muffin still in the corner of her mouth, Melly Böwe stands around in the landscape, chewing and looking, you can’t put it any other way, a bit foolishly out of the laundry. What looks like a coffee party turns into a tough murder investigation with a soundtrack: the Bochum detective talks with a smack about the devilish crystal and Taladon addiction (a strong opioid) of her witness protégé Max. , which wonderfully describes the contrasts of the new Commissioner.


Together with Katrin König (Anneke Kim Sarnau, left) a strong team: Melly Böwe.

(Photo: NDR/Christine Schroeder)

As the half-sister of the missing commissioner Sascha Bukow (Charly Hübner), Melly was briefly introduced last March in the episode “Sabine”, from now on she should investigate at least twice a year alongside Katrin König (Anneke Kim Sarnau). After initial difficulties, the two very different inspectors quickly find themselves in “You can’t choose your family”, and according to Lina Beckmann it should stay that way: “Despite their differences, the two find each other at work and are then impressed by each other. That will also be the case in the future; Melly Böwe and the profiler will not be bidding, but form an exciting team.”

“Crossers to the Dark Side”

It was anything but clear in advance that the plan would actually work out so well, after all the footsteps left by her predecessor Hübner over the past twelve years are anything but small. But the direction was apparently right from the start, also because Beckmann was able to bring in her very own qualities as a character actress: “I wanted to invent something completely different for myself than Bukow. Bukow was always a border crosser in the dark side; to reach the goal “To come, he also went down ways that weren’t entirely legal. Now, with Melly, someone comes along with an upstanding, honest and very warm approach, even when it comes to investigating.”

And you take that away from the 41-year-old, who just celebrated her birthday last Thursday. The fact that despite her stage presence she has so far been seen comparatively rarely on television has to do with Beckmann’s real passion: she prefers to be on stage rather than in front of the camera and is part of the ensemble at the renowned Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, for example and was voted Theater Actress of the Year in 2011.

Speaking of theatre, that also closes the circle to her new job as a Rostock commissioner. Beckmann, who, according to her own statement, still has no television of her own at home, would probably never have had that on her screen. Were it not for Charly Hübner aka Sascha Bukow: In the film, the two are half-siblings, but in real life they are a couple. The two exceptional actors met and fell in love at a theater rehearsal and have now been married for more than ten years – and, from what one can believe, quite happily.